Five Spring Men’s Essentials From NYC’s Articles of Style

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As happens, fashion has gone so far forward it’s going back again. Though the quest for the perfectly fitted and tailored men’s suit has now come face to face with the tech new tech reality – so in some ways being fashionable will never be the same.

Online custom tailor shop Articles of Style began when Dan Trepanier – a former men’s style blogger voted “America’s Best Dressed Man” by Esquire – realized he wanted to make looking good more accessible for “real” guys. Designing those clothes became his passion, so he studied and apprenticed for a bespoke tailor in Manhattan.

Now he and his stylish AOS team (like Trepanier, Will Howe and Wesley Dimagiba fill the dual role of designer and model) are bringing high-fashion quality to the mainstream on an international level – combining the ingenuity of photo imaging with expert tailoring to accurately measure and fit clients for their chosen custom suit, with all garments hand made in America. The product is so classic and the method so innovative that they now cater to clients as far away as Japan and Dubai, all fitted through their online platform.

What does Trepanier see for this spring’s styles? Here are his five essentials.


A Lightweight Suit in a Spring Color

Brown is a very underrated color in tailoring. If you’re thinking about a custom suit, don’t get distracted by bells and whistles like flashy linings and colored buttonholes. Instead, spend time looking for a beautiful fabric in a unique color that will pop in the spring. There are many shades of brown to look at, think between chocolate and khaki. This 9oz tobacco gaberdine, for example, is my go-to for the season. I wear it with loafers, sneakers, espadrilles, even sandals.

White Jeans

There is no item more versatile in the spring/summer than a well-fitting pair of white jeans. The key is having them tapered narrow at the bottom and hemmed short with little-to-no break. With jeans it’s best to buy them tight, wear them for a week or so to fully stretch them out, then have them tailored to your exact preference. From there avoid the dryer to keep the size consistent over time. 



A Band Collar Shirt

Think of it like a typical button-down shirt, but without a collar. Band collar – or mandarin collar – shirts have become popular over the past few years, but they’ve been around for centuries and have never been out of style. It’s a clean, simple look that is more laid-back than a traditional collared shirt and is designed to breathe and keep you cool.



Suede Chelsea Boots

It can seem unusual to think of boots as a top 5 essential for spring. But Chelsea Boots, and suede footwear more generally, is best worn in the spring and summer. The best part is, they go with just about everything – from suits to jeans – and they are simple and easy to slip-on and go.



Lightweight Bomber Jacket

Lightweight outerwear is one of those categories that separates the men from the boys when it comes to wardrobes and style. Just because the calendar says spring/summer doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm and sunny all the time. You need a lightweight, versatile bomber jacket that you can layer with both your dressy tailored outfits, and your laid-back casual ones.