First Looks: ALDO Rise x Nonoo

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The Aldo Rise series joins fast-fashion shoe powerhouse Aldo with cool, edgy, and usually younger designers for high-quality, and very high style collabs. IMO, it’s one of the more consistently reliable joint ventures in a heavily saturated market. (Case in point: my Preen’s for Aldo Rise bought at Selfridges circa 2012 that are still on heavy rotation).

Next up: Nonoo. The designer cites highbrow inspirations for the capsule collection:  “I was inspired by the romantic tension illustrated in Dustin Yellin’s three dimensional psychogeography glass collage series. For this stiletto silhouette, we used multiple fine straps that overlap and wrap around the foot to showcase a controlled chaos. This design speaks to my signature; creating a juxtaposition between my heritage and contemporary art and culture,” explains designer Misha Nonoo.

The designs will first be seen in person at the Nonoo show…and in a few months you can scoop up some royal blue goodness for yourself too