First Images: Missoni Unveils New ‘Surface Conversion: I Feel So Crazy’ Installation in New York

Images: @scottruddevents / Scott Rudd


Mixed media artists Raul de Nieves and Jessie Stead, of performance art band Hairbone, debuted their new installation I Feel So Crazy yesterday, May 22, at Missoni’s New York flagship boutique at 1009 Madison Avenue – where they also performed for an invitation-only audience.

The piece is the latest exhibition to be part of the Missoni ‘Surface Conversion’ project, a series of works curated by the Italian fashion house’s creative director, Angela Missoni. In collaboration with Milan’s A Pallazzo Gallery, the development aims to highlight the fusion of fashion and culture – and it very much succeeds.

I Feel So Crazy boasts a collage of panels that include striking, candid photo portraits, as well as videos celebrating a decade of the band’s art collaborations; in addition to de Nieves and Stead, it features their esteemed colleague Nathan Whipple.



Images in the installation form a quilt-like patchwork of the artists’ improvisational performance, showcasing their use of makeshift props, fashion and the venues they have performed at over time – many of which are defunct, but are memorialized in the exhibit with startling clarity. The immersive experience is amplified as the exhibit is interspersed among the vivid colors and textures of Missoni fashion pieces throughout the store.

De Nieves’ work was recently shown at the Whitney Biennial and at MoMA PS1. Stead’s latest projects include two music videos she directed for Hairbone, and he’s also served as editor and sound designer for the feature documentary George: The Story of George Maciunas & Fluxus, which will screen at Art Basel in June.

I Feel So Crazy will be on exhibit through September.


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