First Images: Emporio Armani’s A/W 19/20 Unleashes its ‘Animal Instinct’ Onto a Milan Runway


Emporio Armani has just unleashed their latest men’s collection into the wild. To set the scene, the runway event was showcased inside the eagle-topped hangar of Milan’s Linate Airport – you know how these fashion houses keep it so casual nowadays.

Inspired by the animal world, the new collection for gents is designed with a “hybrid habitat in mind.” Made for the man who walked out of the jungle and onto Houston Street, the collection encompasses the spirit of the outdoors while maintaining its distinctly urban ethos.

And mixing the worlds of jungle and concrete jungle turned out surprisingly quite well. Among our faves in the collection is a faux fur trench, snakeskin sweats, and feline stripes galore. The palette is a mixture of cool colors, including icy whites, along with hints of frosted gray and blue. The checks also sport red and black accents and Prince of Wales patterns.



As the male models paraded down the runway, the key collection pieces were clear: narrow-shouldered jackets, coats with strong volume, and fluid trousers with a cuff at the hem. The looks were topped off with some woodland inspired accessories including roomy “fur” backpacks, duffels with zebra stripes, and functional body pieces including belt bags and vests.

While the silhouettes are essential, we really took notice of the textures, hues, and wild animalistic patterns and motifs that set this collection apart. (Imagine the stampede scene in Jumanji but with, um, good-looking humans.) There was the presence of pythons, crocodiles, felines, zebras and “fur” (all eco friendly)…just this time, it was on coats and trousers rather than actual animals chilling out in the old Parrish house.

The animal inspiration seen in Emporio Armani’s AW line gives a fun spin on winter-wear and has led to a completely cohesive, if a bit wild, collection.

Welcome to the jungle.



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