First Images: Chanel’s Annual Saint-Tropez Boutique is a Study in Chic Understatement

Images by Marie Liskay 


If you’re summering in Saint-Tropez in 2019, you may very well be the sort who, having dropped your bags (or had someone drop them for you), begins immediately searching for the nearest Chanel boutique.

The exalted fashion house, now tragically minus godhead Karl Lagerfeld (who passed away suddenly in February), actually well knows that the French Riviera is a part time proposition (we don’t know anyone who winters there) – and so actually sets up a new seasonal boutique each year. Slotted into the historic La Mistralée, a private mansion, the surroundings are lush, nay jaw-droppingly beautiful, with sumptuous flora, a swimming pool for lounging by – please don’t dive in with your new fancy new togs – and ethereal views stretching to the Mediterranean.



Each year’s design pays homage to the heritage of the mansion itself – but Chanel this year has modded-up the proceedings a bit, with more contemporary furnishings and fixtures. The accessories conservatory (yes, it’s a conservatory) is especially striking, where two large cabinets encourage playful discovery, and watches are tucked away in alcoves.

Of course, nothing will ever be the same without the overlordship of the late Herr Lagerfeld. But la vie à Saint-Tropez must go on – and he is surely nodding approvingly from the Great Beyond at Chanel’s latest masterstroke of modern style.


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