#FFF Brings Serenity to #NYFW

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Babycakes vegan cupcakes at FFF

The lights are dim, but sunlight filters through the stained-glass windows of the Highline Ballroom at 5:30 on Friday. The ballroom’s hosted top fashion talent such as Kaelen, Katie Gallagher, and Giulietta (to name a few) but now, 100 Sweaty Betty yoga mats are on the floor, and spandex, not fashion, is on display at the #FFFseries (a celebration of the many connections between fitness, fashion, and food–three of my favorite things).

We are taking “the class,” with tt. My show schedule allowed me to sneak in this time, but this is only one of many classes during a four-day series. About five minutes into the namelessly-named class, Toomey practically flies across the grand room like an actual fairy-sprite. The “woo!s” are easily 10x the volume of the most enthused SoulCycle classes I’ve ever taken.

After lots of pulsing the room finds itself in down-dog and Toomey exhales: “Doesn’t this feel fucking amazing?” After a few days of hopping from Lincoln Center to Spring studios and back again, it really, truly does. In fact, it’s probably the happiest asana of my life and I think that the tons of other editors in the room might agree.

We have one insanely cool women (who I had a girl-crush on before even meeting) to thank for this and her name is Linda Honan. #FFF, the brainchild of Honan, has been made possible due to many collaborations, but perhaps most significantly, one with The Line NYC (the production company that produces the fashion shows at the Highline).A former ad exec, Honan has put together a star-studded (if you fancy yourself part of NYC’s burgeoning wellness scene) bonafide festival, #FFF to you, amidst the craze of NYFW.

After the class I sit down to chat with Linda in the courtyard, surrounded by girls nibbling on mini gazpachos by Daphne Cheng and sipping fizzy grapefruit cocktails. Glam & Go is hosting a braid bar (which gets me looking far better for Suno than anticipated), and guests of the already-free event take home Sweaty Betty tanks, yoga straps, resistance bands, and more.


“For me,” she says, “It’s really not just fitness–not just ladies trying out exercise fads–I mean no one is struggling to find a place to work out in this city. It’s this whole other kind of experience of feeling connected that I wanted to create in the midst of all that mayhem and madness during fashion week.”

Each participant has been thoughtfully placed, paired, timed, and more. Especially considering that this is the first year for #FFF, it’s incredibly seamless. Babycakes vegan cupcakes are paired with Michael Olajide of Aerospace, (trainer to like, every Victoria’s Secret model ever), a special treat since the workout burns a ton of calories.


The lineup is a fitness-lover’s dream–in addition to the aforementioned Aerospace and The Class, top dance cardio came in the form of Sadie Kurzban’s 305 and Anna Kaiser’s AKT. Alonzo Wilson of Tone House hosted a very sweaty class. have been hosted adjacent to on-the-go hairstyles for sweaty people with places to be and no showers to be had and glam-necessitating careers. Healthy bites have come from Sakara, Greenblender, Juice Press, and more.

Today, the final day of #FFF will see a Strala yoga class will follow a run with young girls (around 10) from Girls On The Run, adding a mentorship opportunity. Honan hints that the class will have “surprises” to make it kid-and-adult friendly. So if we’re being honest, we have fitness, fashion, food, and philanthropy.

Throughout the week, I’ve zipped to the ballroom and courtyard as much as possible and it’s been like a one-hour straight-up VACATION from the utter madness of the week. I am, to be frank, so enamored of this four day series of events, the only words I am left with are “thank you” to Linda and I can’t wait for next season.