Ferragamo is Launching a Very Stylish TRIVIA Game



When relegated to trips outside being only about fetching groceries and toothpaste, our irrepressible love of fashion is certainly given a distinct recontextualization. Though as a kind of empowerment therapy, we highly recommend dressing up a few times a week, even when just running out to pick up a box of cereal or stock up on wine.

But we also suggest shutting off the news and virtually spending some time with your favorite fashion brands, skimming their Instagram pages to plan for those post-corona outfit ideas—as an attitude of hopefulness can make quarantining significantly more bearable. Our friends at Ferragamo have actually just taken a proactive/creative approach to giving us a fashion fix, launching their new TRIVIA project via their very popular social media channels, Facebook and Instagram specifically.



Via quizzes and anecdotes, and with strikingly realized graphics, the game takes you through the history of the storied Florence fashion house, with a focus on legendary founder Salvatore Ferragamo. It was nearly a century ago that he returned to Firenze from America—1927 to be precise—and began making the shoes that would ultimately and decisively earn him a prestigious place in the international footwear pantheon.

For our part, we’ve already starting planning an autumn trip to Tuscany, which would absolutely include another visit to the Ferragamo Museum—as thinking about returning to travel is a sort of therapy unto itself. But for now, we’ll absolutely be tuning in to #FerragamoTrivia every Sunday and Wednesday—we’ll see you there.

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