Fendi’s New #BaguetteFriendsForever Short Stars Winnie Harlow + Shannon Hamilton



If we’re being honest, we really just can’t take any more bad, nay quasi-apocalyptic news right now. So the arrival of the next clip in Fendi’s heartwarming #BaguetteFriendsForever series has made us particularly, if momentarily happy this week.

The ongoing campaign brings together real life, and famous but not spectacularly so best friends—BlackBook, for instance, recently featured the episode with Tommy Dorfman and Naomi Watanabe—for a brief but fabulous adventure that ultimately revolves around the exalted Fendi Baguette bag. In the newest installment, The Unexpected Baguette, model Shannon Hamilton, in New York at the time, rings up pal Winnie Harlow in Miami, earnestly expressing how she wishes she could be there with her—which curiously enough, seems like a very relevant sentiment right now in this time of stifled travel and mass quarantining.



Later, during a seemingly solo Fendi shopping session, Harlow is checking out the scented FENDIFRENESIA, when someone comments, “Nice bag.” And, well, guess who it is?

“The best part about our friendship,” Harlow explains, “is that we have been and always will be there for each other. I can always be completely myself with Shannon; there’s nothing like having someone in your corner that’s going to have your back through thick and thin.”

With so much fashion advertising coming off so aloof and unattainable, we genuinely applaud Fendi for not only creating something so earnestly endearing…but also for celebrating the unparalleled joy of best friends spending carefree moments together. It will definitely make you want to pick up your phone immediately and tell your BFF just how much you miss them. Especially now.


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