Fendi is Celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day w/ Mr. Doodle + Jackson Wang



Considering how impossible it seems these days for China and America to play nice in the sandbox together, it only makes sense to call on the Italians to intervene with a message of love.

And from Roma, con amore, indeed comes this cool new Fendi Chinese Valentine’s Day collection, created in collaboration with Brit art sensation Mr. Doodle (née Sam Cox)—and featuring an accompanying video starring Hong Kong pop icon Jackson Wang…who has become an enthusiastic ambassador for the exalted fashion house.



The styles themselves reflect Doodle’s maximalist style, which pay homage to the late, great Keith Haring, while also nodding to the chaotic beauty of Stephen Sprouse’s now coveted 2001 Graffiti Bags for Vuitton. And though the artist’s name is ostensibly supposed to be descriptive of his style, the designs here are tightly controlled, and smartly realized, if decidedly playful and cheeky. The partnership was actually launched when Doodle did an artistic takeover of Fendi’s spectacular headquarters in Rome—so a collection seemed a natural progression.

The heart motif joyfully reminds that this is indeed a tribute to a day that’s all about being in love; and Chinese Valentine’s Day—otherwise known as the Qixi Festival—is fast approaching (August 25). Of course, considering we’ve all being living through seven months of fear and divisiveness, a bit of romance does seem to be just what we need. And now there’s the perfect bag to accessorize it.


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