‘Fendi Icons’ Short Film Fêtes the Peekaboo + Baguette Bags




With travel, nightlife and fashion having been particularly interrupted by the pandemic, we’ve been relegated to dreaming of future jaunts to Paris, Milan and Rome. In fact, there are few things we’d rather be doing right now than window shopping along the Via Condotti in the Italian capital.



But while a less glamorous reality has found many of us passing the time by stress-baking sourdough loaves, our friends at the storied Roma fashion house Fendi have been busy filming an ode to some of their truly iconic accessories. Indeed, in this 34-second homage to the Peekaboo and Baguette handbags, curvaceous Colibri heels, and punky FF Boots, bellicose-but-beauteous, fishnet-clad models (who, apparently, haven’t nibbled even a crumb of those aforementioned baked goods) strike yoga poses, while showing off footwear and tightly gripping bags.

And, who can blame them, really? The handbags are pretty fabulous.


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