Fashioneer: Kenzo Can’t Stop Being Cool

Newsflash: Kenzo is really cool. Like, really, really cool. From designing futuristic hiking gear to booking cult-favorite musician Blood Orange at their London Fashion Week party, under the creative direction of Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lim the Paris-based fashion house continues to roll out compelling collections and wicked collaborations that call to a new, more hip generation of Kenzo fans. Case in point: their color-happy fall/winter campaign and latest Vans collab.

To match iconic artist Jean-Paul Goude‘s campaign images for the brand, which includes a group shot (pictured) starring an exciting blend of dancers and models (heyyy Xiao Wen!), Kenzo teamed up with Carl Burgess and Thomas Traum to release a promo video, which you can see here. The clip is set in a marble palace with Kenzo-patterned walls and features a model storming through the venue to a party beat as her looks change from one killer ensemble to the next.

This week Kenzo also released their second round of limited edition Vans kicks, which are adorned with four new prints in eight new colors. Scoop them up here before it’s too late, and stay tuned for more examples of said coolness. 

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