Fashion Week: Scott Sternberg Sings Last Song of the Night

When I first arrived downstairs at Milk Studios for Band of Outsiders and Boy’s SS09 presentation, there was a bit of a panic. The elevator connecting an increasingly large crowd with the presentation upstairs only took 15 at a time. Nearly a dozen flights up in the penthouse, a significantly more serene scene awaited. Screening on opposite white walls were three separate films — two of which captured high-watt celebs Kirsten Dunst and Max Minghella, solo, standing/jumping their way through Scott Sternberg’s latest collections. An ethereal soundtrack played loudly but did little to muffle the excited voices filling the room. Editors pawed looks from the new Boy and Band of Outsiders collections, which were on display and available for copping a feel on racks lining one wall. Draped across lit white boxes were partially transparent men’s button-up shirts and track jackets. All in all, the collection seemed well received, no doubt in large part thanks to its wearability.

I found myself drooling over Boy’s shrunken blazers, a simple yet sexy asymmetrical black dress, and Manolo Blahniks made especially for the collection. After fully soaking in the goods on display, and before attempting to once again brave the terrible weather outdoors, I asked Sternberg where exactly he would be celebrating. “I’m going to go karaoke,” he told me. So, what exactly are Sternberg’s karaoke songs of choice? “I usually start with a Monkees song, something like that. You know, ‘Daydream Believer’.” And for the last song of the night? “A duet. Maybe the one from Grease.” Timeless classics, just like Stenberg’s lines.

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