Fashion Week: Richie Rich

In an economic climate where everybody seems to be poor, poor, poor, it’s only natural the perfect antidote be rich, rich, rich–or, in this case, Richie Rich, the illustrious other half of the now-defunct Heatherette and recent BlackBook interviewee. Last night Richie showed his true colors, forcing the recession to take a recess.

Precluded by opening acts that included Kat DeLuna, Beth Sacks, and the Bad Boys of Dance, the fashion portion was every Rich devotee’s dream. A flurry of neon colors, bright graphics, sequins galore, studs in studs (and gold plastic coins), dresses that look like they’d survived several proms in the 80’s, all displayed on a legion of models that included several celeb “walkers” like Aubrey O’Day, Tinsley Mortimer, and finale fatale Pam Anderson. By the time the lights went up, smiles, kisses and trannies were all over the place and for just a moment, every single person in that audience was just a little bit gay (oh, and happy too).

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