Fashion Week Live, Straight from Your Phone

Starting today, fashion fans across the world will be logging onto their computers to catch coverage of an increasingly digitized Fashion Week: livestreams of almost every major show, busloads of fashion bloggers writing up any and every event they can weasel their way into, and street snappers posting the best pics of NYC style icons hopping from show to show. But in all the comprehensive coverage, there’s one element missing, and that’s user-generated content.

Running under the radar last September, Milk Studios has partnered with The Standard to launch a microsite for Fashion Week featuring a section where anyone can submit cellphone pics or videos of their experience, which are quickly posted for the world to see. (Full disclosure, the company I work for built the site.) Along with user-submitted cellphone snaps, Tiny Vices will be contributing commissioned photography posts, as well as exclusive editorial posts on behind-the-shows gossip, model drama, and other sartorial shenanigans. And if nothing else, the Milk Made Live site has a handy calendar of events for both Milk and The Standard, so you can plan exactly how best to stalk Zac Posen and Alexander Wang. And if you do happen to spot them, make sure to send in your cellphone snap so we know you’re not lying.

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