Fashion Week: Jill Stuart, Leigh Lezark on Obama

The Jill Stuart show this afternoon at the New York Public Library was full of surprises. First, there was some serious star wattage thanks to front-row seats holding Joy Bryant, Michelle Trachtenberg, Bette Midler, and, of course, a token “real” housewife: Bethenny Frankel. Then a fully exposed breast from a model mid-show. Gasp! Stuart sent down the library-length runway a flotilla of the beautiful, feminine looks she’s best known for. There was a whole lot of chiffon, a cropped white tuxedo jacket, and scarves warn over the head à la Thelma and Louise.

When I found myself standing next to Misshape Leigh Lezark (who was recently canonized as a talking cartoon thanks to after the show, in honor of the literary setting I asked her what she’s reading these days. “I’m actually currently reading Obama’s The Audacity of Hope. I have it in my bag right now,” she said, gesturing to the large, black leather designer tote hanging from her hand. And her verdict: “I think it’s good so far.” A ringing endorsement of Change.

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