‘Fashion Rocks’ Will Rock No More, For Now

I suppose you can stop the rock. With the sun starting to set ever-so-slightly on Condé Nast, it was a matter of time before bosses pulled the plug on some of the more essential expenditures. I know, I know, if Men’s Vogue wasn’t considered essential, then what would be? Well, “Fashion Rocks” naturally. The magazine empire’s star-studded televised gala fusing pop music with high fashion, which has ran strong for five years, will take a break for 2009. It’ll remain in limbo until the company can afford to stop pinching pennies. Although issuing a festive memo to all top-level Condé Nast editors encouraging them to “Go Green!” and use mass transit before promptly cutting off their access to town cars could feasibly go a long way to that end. But until then we can always revel in the event’s brief legacy, which called for artists like Christina Aguilera and The Arcade Fire to set the stage ablaze as supermodels swaggered down the catwalk.

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