EXCLUSIVE: Provocative LA Trio BRÅVES’ Five Most Extravagant Fashion Moments

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In HBO’s The Young Pope, Jude Law’s Pope Pius XIII explains his philosophy regarding not being photographed, citing the incredible allure that built up around the likes of J.D. Salinger, Daft Punk and Banksy by doing just that. We couldn’t agree more – which is why we consider The Knife as one of the most striking cultural forces of the last decade.

Mysterious Los Angeles trio BRÅVES employ a similar modus operandi – constructing metaphorical “guises” in which to both cloak their actual identities, and also provoke a reaction. They want to make onlookers actually think about what they are in fact witnessing.

They released their eponymous debut album earlier this year to much intrigue. BlackBook, in fact, premiered the “heartbreaking” video for their “powerfully emotional” single “A Toast” in January.

To fete the release of the stunning new live video for “A Toast” (with mind-blowing visuals by multimedia artist BEEPLE), and as we’re wont to do, we present here what might be considered their five most extravagant sartorial statements – with a heady explanation of each by the trio themselves.

Band stylist Kendall Kerrigan sums it up incisively: “An early influential designer of mine once said ‘fashion is such a fantasy and it’s about metamorphosis and sort of changing yourself and playing a part of yourself that you want people to see.’ This is definitely true for BRÅVES. They are not young boys, but they are not old either, they are here now, in a state of constant musical experimentation and exploration. Their style is a reflection of that.”




Here we see Thorald, fully concealed under his leather spiked cap. It’s an homage to 80s punk and the 1940s leather subculture. Thorald floats between male and female characters in his vocal delivery of our songs and enjoys reflecting that in his appearance.




Jericho is maybe the most protective of his identity out of the three of us. And it shows in his veiled-garb. Privacy is a commodity.




Johnny What dons a crown and spiked muzzle. Often the most concealed of the BRÅVES-men, he finds power in anonymity and expresses that through his crown, sat upon his creative throne. Since he doesn’t sing in the band, the muzzle is a fitting piece.




This image displays our different personalities through our wardrobe. It also shows how similar the three of us are. When we met, it was like finding a lost hat or pair of sunglasses that had been missing but had always fit just right.




This is one of the first images where we show The Brothers Koren’s faces. It was a big step for us. Yet you can see we remain hesitant by being fully covered elsewhere and half-draped in shadow.