Fashion Emergency?! Everlane Now Saves the Day and Your Outfit

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Suppose it’s 3 p.m. You’re desperately chugging the last sips of your afternoon coffee when one little drop manages to drip its way down your top–effectively, immediately ruining your outfit and sense of inner peace. Dramatic perhaps. BUT–You’ve got a meeting at 4. Or a date at 7. But you’re going to be at work until at least 6, with no time to go home and change. You’ve already gone to lunch.

Nobody who knows me would call me a neat freak but a stain, even the tiniest one, has the power to irk me to no end. That feeling of having gone somewhere in a presentable state, confident with whatever amount of effort you put in to the day’s outfit only to have that feeling of togetherness demolished.

Enter Everlane Now. It might just be the solution to all our last minute wardrobe emergencies. At 11:34 this morning, I ordered a basic white t-shirt from the service. It arrived at my desk at 12 p.m.

everlane 2

When Everlane launched a number of years ago, I ordered three t-shirts, filled with relief at finding an alternative to my pricy but beloved T by Alexander Wang shirts. The company continues to prove itself a must-have problem solver for fashion lovers and casual dressers alike (I identify as both).

Next time I find myself underdressed, as I am wont to do, I will grab (and by grab I mean basically seamless, fashion style) myself this gorgeous, minimal silk camisole.

Another occasion is of course, because the day isn’t going as planned. Do yourself a favor and have a nice cashmere sweater delivered. It’s even more fun than shopping online the regular way.

everlane note

When you place an order for delivery via Everlane Now, you have the option to include a note. (BTW: adorable surprise gift idea!) I filled in, “BlackBook <3 Everlane.” Yours might not come with a custom reply but I was pretty psyched mine did. :p

white shirt 1

Available in NYC and San Francisco between 9 am and 6 pm on Monday-Friday.