Cutest Fashion Pregnancy Announcement Ever?

Via @evachen212 on Instagram

Eva Chen, one of fashion and social media’s most beloved darlings made what is arguably the cutest, most fashion/current pregnancy announcement in the history of Instagram.

Chen has had a news-filled few weeks. It was recently announced that she’ll also take on the role of chief creative officer when Lucky merges with Beachmint while retaining her role as editor in chief of the mag.

Part of Chen’s charm (and success) has to do with how well she interacts with her community on social media, and an example of this is the #evachenpose. It’s famous all on its own. All 225k of Eva’s followers scroll through morning snaps of her ever-chic shoes, bag, and even her morning apple – there’s no time for a cold when you’re the editor in chief of a major mag. This morning’s stakes were raised big-time when Chen posted normcore New Balance on her feet, a classic Chanel bag at her side, and yes, a piece of fruit too, matched by mini-me versions of each accessory.

She captioned the pic: “#evachenpose: like mother, like future (winter 2015!) daughter edition),” and it’s currently nearing 10K likes. Any daughter of Eva’s (with Chanel bag awaiting her at birth) has a very chic future indeed. Congrats, Eva!

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