Sexiest Luxe Gift You Can/Should Give Yourself — No Occasion Needed

Image courtesy of Enclosed

There are subscription boxes for everything these days.

I have a feeling that Enclosed — a designer underwear monthly subscription service — gets a lot of business around that special holiday that falls on February 14–but with no disrespect to Valentine’s Day, I need no holiday nor boyfriend to warrant an appropriate occasion for beautiful lingerie.

The BlackBook Treat Yo Self series and I are a match made in heaven for a number of reasons, but one is that I’ve never had a problem with being my own best friend.

Sending yourself flowers is passé. And that’s where Enclosed comes in. A week or two ago I received a sleek black box with a faux-wax seal. Upon tearing the thing open I discovered a gorgeous, classy pair of boy shorts (beige lace with a hot pink accent) by Love Haus. The underwear came on a bed of rose petals. What a way to make a girl swoon!

At $50 a month, enclosed is not cheap, but the butterflies in my stomach lasted way beyond the original opening–which by the way can be repeated since I left the boy shorts in the box for that very reason. I’m saving them for something special-note: I did not say someone.


I am not, by any means, opposed to Enclosed as a gift from a S/O, but to be honest, lingerie is perceived as a gift for two and sometimes a lady would like a gift for one, thankyouverymuch.

Gorgeous lingerie in over-the-top packaging is the perfect starter for any girl who needs to be her own best friend… and, by the way, that’s every girl, every day.



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