Eddie Borgo Shows Us How It’s Made

Edythe wears the Eddie Borgo Graduated Gemstone Cube Bracelet. Photo by Rodolfo Martinez.

Ever wonder how your treasured jewels are made? The necklace you wear everywhere but the shower, or the rings you slip on before heading out on the town. We asked Eddie Borgo to get super-specific on the how-it’s-made of his beloved beauties. In part three (see part one here and two here) we get to see just how the Graduated Gemstone Cube Bracelet came to be.

Raw Gemstone
“The raw gemstones are analyzed by “eye and hand” craftsmen who are experienced in cutting raw stones. They use their knowledge of stone growth to achieve the cut for what we need. This helps us create an internal roadmap of the stone and understand any inclusions or fault lines.”
Eddie Borgo_Graduated Gemstone Cube Cuff Step 1

“The mold and cages for the back side of the piece are made of raw brass and grown in a 3D printer, technically referred to as the Additive Manufacturing Process. The 3D printer functions in a way that it distributes extremely fine layers of a material around a support material to build up the shape of the computer generated model.”
Eddie Borgo_Graduated Gemstone Cube Cuff Step 2

“Many of our pieces mimic fine jewelry constructions and are assembled in a similar manner. We create custom cages for the back of each setting — an added detail that is unique to costume jewelry.”
Eddie Borgo_Graduated Gemstone Cube Cuff Step 3

“Working on closures can be one of the most technically challenging of a piece as it has to remain secure over prolonged wear.”
Eddie Borgo_Graduated Gemstone Cube Cuff Step 4

Final Product
“The cube is a signature shape for the brand and something we include almost every season. I am inspired by modern art and sculpture, and the shapes we used in the Graduated Gemstone Cube Cuff remind me of the work of the artist Donald Judd.”
Eddie Borgo_Graduated Gemstone Cube Cuff Step 5

Edythe (Marilyn) wears the Eddie Borgo Gemstone Gemstone Cube Bracelet
Photographer: Rodolfo Martinez
Hair: Hikaru Hirano
Makeup: Ayindé Castro
Fashion Editor: Alyssa Shapiro

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