Are Drones the New Supermodels? Why You Should Care About Silicon Valley Fashion Week

Photo courtesy of Betabrand

Silicon Valley Fashion Week kicks off today. As if we needed another one! SVFW runs through May 14, is hosted by online clothier, Betabrand, a San Francisco-based company that crowdsources and crowdfunds new designs on the daily. With this event, it appears the company has its sights set on ushering in a new era of technologically-minded, and engineered, fashion.

SVFW founder Chris Lindland sees the fashion world through the eyes of a tech entrepreneur–that much is clear. His thoughts on the future of fashion: 

“With technology in every pocket and soon every wrist, Silicon Valley has an out-sized impact on the way people look and experience the world. The next Valentino is likely staring into a computer, drinking his 4th Red Bull right now!”

The three-day ‘week’ is broken up by theme, rather than designer. Today’s show is titled “Motion and Light: The New Commuter,” while tomorrow’s will focus on wearable tech, and Friday’s on crowdfunded fashion.

In SV, no element of FW as we know it is entirely safe. Drones will replace runway models. And though we don’t necessarily agree with the suggestion posed in the question, “Are runway models headed for extinction?” (We still love you Gigi, Joan…), we can appreciate the eerie, cool effect of clothes flying via drone.

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