Doonan & Adler OK Capes, Boas, Press-On Nails & Xanax

Simon Doonan, the Creative Director of Barney’s New York, is a busy man. But never too busy to give a good quote. Having just finished the uptown destination’s holiday window displays (this year, the windows are all about SNL), Doonan gave a quippy interview to Luxist at the annual Moth Ball, alongside his significant other, Jonathan Adler.

The interviewer started by asking about capes. Specifically, are they still in style. “Capes? Everything is in. That’s the thing, nothing ever goes out of style anymore. All trends concurrently exist. In this room somebody is probably rocking every trend known to mankind,” Doonan said. But, wait, everything? Well according to Doonan and Adler. The former adds, “nothing makes you feel bubbly and vivacious like a feather boa. It’s very glam rock.” To which Adler responded, “I think that everyone should have Lee Press On Nails for every guest.” Also uncovered in the bizarre interview, the one thing Adler never leaves home without: an emergency stash of “xanax, xanax, and xanax.” As for Adler’s other great pleasures in life? Ping-pong and Facebook.

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