Donatella Diffuses with Versus

Versace may have poo poo’d the idea of dropping its price point in reaction to the recession back in January. But now it seems the luxury retailer is singing a slightly different tune. While the Italian fashion house’s iconic, vibrant fashions won’t be selling for slashed down prices anytime soon, fans of Versace can soon get their hands on a diffusion line, says Luxist. Specifically, Versace is re-launching Versus, the slightly less expensive sister line to Versace, which Gianni introduced in 1989 “as a project for his sister Donatella.”

Officials at Versace have described the line as “aspiration, more accessible,” and are estimating a “turnover of more than 700 million euros in the first five years.” It’s a good thing as Versus is looking to open as many as “20 boutiques by 2011.” Also branching out in hopes of attracting a wider clientele: Beatles scion Stella McCartney. The Brit designer is partnering with Net-a-Porter and will design an exclusive summer capsule collection that will retail on the online boutique’s site. Sadly fans of Stella’s will have to wait until May for the collection’s arrival, as well as the weather in which one can actually wear the summer-y designs.

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