Did Madonna Rip Off Patricia Field’s Vogue Hat?

Patricia Field is not happy with Madonna. The legendary stylist and costume designer behind Sex and the City‘s covetable wardrobe furiously Tumbl’d about the $35 VOGUE hats that are part of the pop star’s 2012 MDNA tour merchandise. Blogs the brand: "Our own Patricia Field stylist, Hiraku, designed the snap back and we sell it as a t-shirt, headband and a beanie as well […] Madonna is a thief! Do you really need an extra few thousand dollars? Shame, shame for stealing from those that inspire you!" But is Madge really a thief?

According to a few readers’ comments, the original VOGUE hat was allegedly produced by Madonna’s camp during her Blond Ambition Tour in 1990, which is apparently here. BUT, this may not be the case since a reader called Spinster808 fired back with: "First of all Madonna never had a Vogue hat sold as merchandise during her Blond Ambition tour back in 1990. Second of all I actually bought the Vogue hat from Patricia Field’s and wore it to the Madonna concert @ Yankee Stadium. I won pit tickets via the fan club. Everyone kept asking me where I got my hat. Madonna’s manager asked about he hat and I told him Patricia Field’s and Madonna herself was eyeing the hat I was wearing." 

What do you think? Is Madonna really a copy cat or can she do whatever she wants since "Vogue" is her song? 

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