All Day I Dream About… Rita Ora

Adidas’ star has been on the rise. Since the resurgence and proliferation of ‘90s style, the tri-stripe, the logo, and the collaborations have been blipping consistently on fashion’s radar. I’ve even hopped back on the same bandwagon I was on circa fifth grade, and it’s been difficult to get me to wear anything other than a Jeremy Scott collab men’s pixelated logo sweater on gloomy days. I hope no one is sick of it yet, because I’m not!


Aside from Jeremy Scott, we have Stella McCartney workout gear thanks to Adidas (and a new reason to wake up for Exhale classes), and as always, the good old Adidas classics that will never go anywhere (and the more worn in, the better). Now, another collaboration: Rita Ora is set to design a line with Adidas, presumably for our track-pant-lounging pleasure. Also a high possibility: crop tops… yet another reason to get thee to core fusion. Lately the singer has been all over Instagram wearing Adidas, showing off her Adidas goodies (platform creeper/sneakers. Must we do this again?) and with her pals Jeremy and Stella. As they say, the world awaits with breath that is baited.

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