Daniel Arsham’s ‘Future Relics’ Sculptures Bring Dior Into Your Living Room



As the very notion of Fashion Week has faced existential threats from an increasingly digital world, the top houses have taken to ratcheting up the conceptualizing—as we reported recently of the Prada and Ferragamo Milan shows.

For his Summer 2020 Men’s presentation for Dior, Artistic Director Kim Jones went as far as erecting a tent in Paris’ epic Place de la Concorde, ultimately paying tribute to late punk stylist and fellow Brit Judy Blame (who passed away from cancer in 2018). He also enlisted American artist Daniel Arsham as a creative collaborator on the sets—and now miniaturized versions of his sculptures are being offered as an exclusive collection in Dior boutiques worldwide.



Arsham has become well-known for his haunted, “decaying” sculpts of familiar everyday items, cameras, sneakers, etc. For Dior, he has created a series of five called Future Relics, which are perhaps the perfect metaphor for the gradual degeneration of Western ideals and values. Included in the collection is an homage to Christian Dior’s 1951 book Je Suis Couturier, now a jewel box.

These will surely be among the most talked about must-haves of 2020. For our part, though, we’re just trying to decipher if the clock being stopped at 10:10 is trying to tell us something.


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