Cut-Out Couture Courtesy Murakami & Friends

imageOnce upon a time, namely 1966, the Scott Paper Company fashioned a paper dress in order to promote paper tissues; in this fabled time, the June Cleavers among you could, for the modest price of $1.25, obtain a “Paper Caper” dress and coupons to buy various paper products from the company. This sartorial versatility must’ve done wonders for public restroom queues. But those were greener times. Supply was greater than demand, and resources seemed inexhaustible, so copycat companies marketed their own products similarly and no one thought twice about such wastefulness.

Of course, yesterday’s extravagant banalities are today’s treasures. Creative forces like Takashi Murakami and Sophia Kokosalaki are among those who have woven a modern, eye-catching spin onto these novelty garments for a project conceived by the Greek-based cultural outfit ATOPOS. The traveling exhibition finishes its tour through a couple of Benelux museums next August, when it arrives at London’s Design Museum.

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