What to Wear to Culture, Chelsea’s Boutique Training Gym

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Photos: Courtesy of Culture 

When scheduling a workout becomes harder than a workout itself, all bets are off. After all, who needs the added stress? Boutique training gym Culture Fitness seeks to solve that problem. Members are treated like members. They have time slots that belong to them, trainers who track their progress (Excel graphs, charts, and more included,) and intimate attention in a small space.


The training plans are curated and personalized so that three sessions per week really packs a punch. I went once and left with the sulky feeling that all the barre, yoga, and spin in the world would never quite compare (though they might be more of an experience).

Head trainer and co-founder Larry Twohig asks questions that get to the heart of the matter so that he can customize those plans. At one point, when I have been introduced to a torture device otherwise known as a Jacob’s Ladder and have ‘climbed’ 100 feet, and have another 100 to go, Twohig asks me if it’s my lungs or my legs that are feeling the pain. “My lungs,” I say, and he explains that I should work on endurance though my legs are strong (spin and whatnot).

culture 1Dreaded Jacob’s Ladder pictured at left

Being that Culture is for the working professional who returns to a phone with 75 emails after a single training session, the gear required is street-chic athleisure at it’s finest — who has time to change? Also, without the darkened ambiance of a spin studio, and with lights and omnipresent mirrors, a girl’s gotta look good. That is, after all, the best possible encouragement. For this, I returned to an aforementioned favorite, Alala, whose founder Denise Lee excels in making her customer feel like maybe she will never actually wear jeans and a top again. That’s how sexy, transitional, and chic this stuff is. The perfect confidence boost for those last five push-ups you don’t think you can survive.

IMG_9906Unabashedly admitting to being obsessed with my own outfit: twilight tank + this amazing neoprene sweatshirt + these leggings.

I’d love to see what miracles will occur were I to go to Culture 3x/week for even just a month. If you’re looking to hold yourself to high standard on any big time New Year’s resolutions, this might just the place you’ve been looking for.