Cris Cab Celebrates Vera Largo’s New Line At The Jimmy Rooftop

Photo: Dan Lecca 

It’s summer in New York City, so naturally you’ll find us sipping cocktails on a roof somewhere. And last night, we indulged in some delish signature pineapple mojitos, as all eyes were on Pharrell-trained singing sensation Cris Cab, who performed on the roof at The James Hotel’s haunt, Jimmy. Cab joined fresh, coastal-inspired menswear label Vera Largo to celebrate the brand’s launch of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Colorful floral designs mixed with booming music proved another successful #SummerNight in the city. In between cocktails and photo ops, I got to speak not only Hunter Wilson of Vera Largo, but Cris Cab as well.

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Photo: @WilliamsonPR

So where did the men of Vera Largo grow up?

Hunter Wilson: We grew up in Beaumont, Texas

You’re from Texas? I’m from Houston, that’s crazy – what year did you graduate? High school? College?

HW: I Graduated High school in 07’ and college…. (Laughs)

All the best don’t graduate college these days now do they?

We exchange of a couple ironic mutual friends…

So now that I know where you’re from, I know you’re a fellow Texan and you’re going to be nice. What’s your favorite part of the brand, what are you excited about?

HW: I’m really excited about this whole new season. We’ve partnered with David Cockrell to do the designs for it, this one seems so fun alive and youthful. Were really excited about it.

Who do you see wearing your clothes?

HW: Really, guys like us. The millennial guy who’s just getting started with his career that really enjoys to have fun, not so serious about what he wears.

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Photo, @CrisCab

So you’re from Miami, what was it like growing up in Miami?

Cris Cab: Miami’s great man, it’s a place that is very diverse in its culture, in fashion and it’s taste. It is definitely a melting pot. There is so much to see, so much to take in, that definitely comes in the music – In a similar way to the way I make my music. I mix everything; I mix so many different taste and styles.

Who can get the song “Happy” out of their heads? No one. What’s it like working closely with Pharrell himself?

CC: Pharrell has just been a great friend and a mentor of mine since I was 16 years old. He was my first teacher, first real mentor in the music industry, so he taught me everything that I know. So I am super fortunate and blessed to have worked with him, I’m going to be joining him on tour in September…

Amazing, I was going to ask what your plans were, where are you guys going to be touring?

CC: Were going to be touring through most of Europe, 26 dates out there.

How did you meet up with the brand Vera Largo?

CC: They reached out to us, and I’m actually glad they did. Everyone’s been very cool and very nice, very chill.

What’s your favorite piece in the new line?

CC: I haven’t seen all of it, so I cant speak yet. But I really like the short sleeve button down.

Perfect for this summer weather on this roof!

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