Child Prodigy: On Set With Tavi Gevinson

I just spent a day with Tavi Gevinson in the heat of the Connecticut summer, where she styled her first ever fashion story. Gevinson, the 14-year-old fashion blogger prodigy, came to the set decked out in sophisticated cuteness with a Miu Miu hair bow and coppery metallic oxfords. Her style mirrored her personality, which is always represented in spades on her blog, The Style Rookie. An astounding combination of maturity and sweetness, she also possesses a killer eye for detail. She bobbed around like a pro dressing and styling the model, adjusting hems and directing the photographer on how to best capture the collection of chunky knits and earthy patterns. The spread had a whimsical, organic mood, with rough, mossy linens and rural sweaters perfect for the upcoming fall.

Not only did she handpick some of the best looks of the fall season, Tavi also knew her style stuff inside and out. She spoke with the wisdom of a 40 year-old fashion veteran, illustrating a conversation with an example of how the Fall 2010 Louis Vuitton collection rehashed the shift toward dressing a curvier form. She probably could recite the direction, styling, and photography of every major magazine since the 1940s. The minor ones, too. Surprisingly weathered for someone her age, and an easy natural in the fashion world, Tavi is truly wise beyond her years. Can’t wait for everyone to see the shoot! I think you’ll all agree she’s found her calling at an early age.

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