Cheat Sheet: Japan Fashion Week

By now you’re probably on Fashion Week overload. Well, as long as people in different parts of the world will insist on wearing different styles of clothing, we’ll have to continue tracking what’s basically a yearlong shuffle of Fashion Weeks. See for yourself! Perhaps one of the dark horses among top Fashion Weeks worldwide, Japan Fashion Week is about to head into its ninth year in October. There’s no denying the far reach of Japanese street fashion or how the country has carved itself out as a monolith of contemporary pop culture formidable enough to rival style breakthroughs of Paris, London, New York, and Milan. A cheat sheet for proper Japan Fashion Week decorum follows.

What: Japan Fashion Week.

Where: Tokyo.

When: October 19-25, 2009.

Twitter Hashtag: #JFW.

Designers/brands to watch: ato, G.V.G.V., tiny dinosaur, and perhaps a few others that made waves earlier this year when Japan Fashion Week stepped out into NYC briefly.

Appropriate soundtrack for transcontinental flight to Tokyo Narita Airport: Utada Hikaru, Namie Amuro, and maybe even film composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s greatest hits.

Local cuisine: Really, don’t expect a sea of Starbuckses and McDonaldses — train your palate locally before you go abroad. Also, don’t freak out when thin slices of tuna arrive, perched on a bed of noodles and still moving. Current Japanese cuisine does not include live moths.

Greetings/phrases: Ohayo gozaimasu (Good morning), Konnichiwa (Good afternoon), Kobanwa (Good evening), Sayonara (Goodbye), Arigatou (Thank you).

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