CellCeuticals Ups the Anti on Aging

When asked what would solve all their beauty concerns, most women would default to a plastic surgeon. But in a declining economy, sometimes one needs to look past the knife or laser for comparable results, and who would know how to deliver such drastic beauty than a plastic surgeon? Enter renowned plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, and as the power of two has always proven better than one, pair him with beauty industry doyen Paul Scott Premo, and you’re left with the latest, greatest creation to hit the shelves–CellCeuticals.

We’ve always been a sucker for ingredients, so when the term “GFP Cellular Complex” entered our vocabulary, we wanted more! Evidently, this potent potion packs quite an anti-aging punch, combining retinol, antioxidants, and a whole new breed of lipopeptides that ups the anti on the aging like never before. The best part is you don’t need 27 products to make these miraculous results happen–with two core products, a moisturizer, a cleanser and an exfoliant that’ll keep you scrubbing for mores to glow!

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