CB2 Doesn’t Get ‘Derelicte’ Was Meant As A Parody

Remember that movie Zoolander? The one that parodied the fashion world for being so self-obsessed and out-of-touch that it sometimes becomes a parody of a parody of itself? Well, if your pop culture memory doesn’t quite extend back a decade, there’s a scene where Will Ferrell, as haute-couture master Mugatu, introduces his fake line, "Derelicte," inspired by the homeless people of New York City. And you know how every once in a while, parody settles for a bit and becomes part of the pop culture lexicon and then becomes reality, where it is not nearly as funny?

Well, CB2, the "hip" younger sibling of Crate + Barrel, has the "Lucky Beggar" wallet, which is inspired by the coffee cup usually seen in the hands of homeless New Yorkers asking for change. See? It’s funny because you paid $16 to parody someone’s brutal living conditions. Get it? 

The product description on the CB2 website:

"Inspired by the iconic blue and white coffee cup often seen in the hands of New York City panhandlers, this quirky wallet begs to be seen. Soft faux leather fits snugly in your back pocket or handbag. Won’t spill any of its valuable contents, thanks to a nifty zip top."
Excuse me, what? Like, I could maybe, sort of, kind of understand if this was some sort of (albeit still) cheap gimmicky product to raise awareness/proceeds to fight poverty and homelessness in New York. But to turn a real and gravely serious problem, especially considering how many people are stil homeless and displaced in the city that allegedly inspired this wallet that "begs to be seen" following the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, into an overpriced accessory, is pretty cringe-worthy. Stay classy, CB2. 
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