Carven’s Guillaume Henry: Fashion’s Newest Heartthrob

There have been too few true fashion heartthrobs since the days of Michael Flinn and Bruce Hulse, unless you count David Gandy and Tom Ford, and I do. For the most part in recent years we’ve gazed at the silver screen for our beautiful man fix. However, thanks to a fast expanding business – just last month he opened two boutiques in Shanghai and a flagship store in London – Carven’s Guillaume Henry has been brought to our long awaited attentions.

Henry is strikingly handsome with bright slate eyes and a full head of perfectly coiffed (as in perfectly awry) brown hair. His boyish grin and cheeky charm lend themselves well to the bright-eyed bushy-tailed reputation now tacked on to his name. He’s tall, slim and wonderfully unassuming.

Not only is he easy on the eyes but his designs are as well. His clothes are sensual and sweet with a bit of coquetry. They are simple, elegant and clever. I find myself switching between daydreams of his face to daydreams of his candy pink wool overcoat that is already sold out in Europe (I have yet to decide which I more ardently desire.)

Fortunately for everyone living in the tri-state area, Carven is opening its first stateside outpost in New York (at 83 Mercer Street, but who’s stalking?) He recently held a dinner to celebrate the new store and while was I not invited, a whole host of competitors beautiful and talented women were, like Ciara and Leandra Medine (both of whom received a monogrammed cloth napkin, the clever surprise of the night.)

But don’t let any of this deter you. I certainly haven’t. Despite his staggeringly good looks (which may cause loss of words and or social skills,) droves of beautiful girlfriends (yes, Alexa Chung is also a very, very close friend) and unquestioned fame, I will be there when Carven finally opens its doors, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and probably wearing something pink and humming a Lorde song as I read he has a penchant for both.

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