Supermodel’s Best Friend

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Canine companions are always in style. Some might even call them the chicest of accessories (kidding…kind of). In Garage magazine’s 7th issue, on newsstands this Thursday (9/4), fashion photog Platon snapped an array of top models styled to perfection to match the natural styles of some fabulous pups.

We got an exclusive sneak peek at the spread, called Deep Breeding, which includes fashion royalty such as Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Lindsey Wixson, Jessica Stam, and Liu Wen. Jessica Stam’s piercing blue eyes are juxtaposed next to those of a gorgeous Siberian Husky. Lindsey Wixson and a Toy Pomeranian are practically one. And so it goes–as we imitate Cara, she imitates Komondors, which goes to show, that fashion inspiration is always in the most unlikely of places.

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