BlackBook’s Jacob Brown x Maybelline x MADE

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Last week, during a fashion week fête in tandem with Maybelline’s sponsorship of and collaboration with this year’s MADE fashion week, our very own Jacob Brown lent his talents to the MADE for Maybelline video series .

In addition to the full and extensive range of Maybelline products, the company also provided, artistic direction, and backstage expertise for more than 10 MADE designers.

Brown’s video focused on the highly-covetable Public School. “The idea with the film was to look at texture,” he says—a theme highly relevant to the artistry of both cosmetics and clothing. “I shot models like Jessica Stam, Hanne Gaby, and Yuri Pleskun from the Public School show, in which the look was all about natural skin–so I did macro shots of all kinds of textures, ranging from faces to more abstract stuff, and used those shots as a way into the finale, which is a kind of cubist deconstruction and reconstruction of beautiful faces.”

Check out our multi-talented EIC’s directorial work here!