BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Stunning New Sarah Jaffe Track ‘Dark Energy’

Image by Yana Tinker 


We’ve long counted Sarah Jaffe amongst our favorites, for her inimitable style, sharp wit and unique ability to dive down deep into the emotional well and come back up seemingly unscathed. And she opens 2019 gloriously, with the stunning new single “Dark Energy,” which BlackBook enthusiastically premieres here.

As ever, it deftly mines disparate genres at once. Indeed, if there was never such a thing as gothic-blues-synth-pop, it’s certainly just been invented – seemingly as if Martin Gore had teamed up with Alison Mosshart. Lyrically, it’s a moving meditation on the persistent struggle for self-possession: “Dark energy / Stay away from me / Wanna be good to myself / Superego, you can go to hell.”


Image by Coyia Malone


“I think when you go through the harder times in life,” she explains, “it emphasizes time in a certain way…maybe in a divisive way, so you know what to extract from the darkness. For a lot of my close friends, family, and most definitely myself, this last year was a doozy. I wanted to write something that put a new intent/mantra into existence, and also to ward off anything that would distract me. A song to clean the slate.”

With that slate apparently cleaned, she’s also composed the music for New York designer Jonathan Simkhai‘s upcoming New York Fashion Week show, and will be performing live at his presentation this Saturday, the 9th.

“I’m really looking forward to playing for Jonathan again,” she enthuses. “Gonna bust out a few new songs for the event. It has been an absolute honor to continue a collaborative relationship.”


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