BlackBook Exclusive: Stylist B. Åkerlund Picks Her Faves From Her New IKEA Collection


In terms of personal style, self-described fashion activist and highly-in-demand stylist B. Åkerlund is surely one of the most singular personages counted amongst the totality of humankind. Somehow gothic and flamboyant at once, austere but also mischievously whimsical, she is a living, breathing clarion call to banish the banality and boringness from our lives. (She’s also married to director Jonas Åkerlund, a gent who knows a thing or two about eradicating dullness.)

Her considerable client list includes the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, H&M and Dior.

The latest to recognize her particular brand of aesthetic magic is IKEA, who recently commissioned her to design a new collection, titled OMEDELBAR (translating to “immediate”) – which will be released into stores this Valentine’s Day. And from black top hats to bright red lip pillows to oversized clocks, it’s sort of like stepping into a T. Rex video base on a Lewis Carroll novel as directed by Tim Burton.

We asked her to pick her five favorite items from OMEDELBAR. We also have a sneak peek at the collection just before its release.



How would you describe your personal style?

Avantgarde goth punk.

The partnership with IKEA, how did it come about?

They reached out to me based on a Swedish Radio program I participated in, and found my character interesting – the rest is history.



What were your inspirations in designing the collection?

Me, myself and I…the collection is a dedicated to my ego.

What are a few of your favorite pieces?

They are all my babies. But my favorite pieces are definitely the lip pillow and the top hat.


B. Åkerlund’s Five Valentine’s Day Picks From Her IKEA Collection


My gold wardrobe rack for clothing, since I am a huge collector and a hoarder. A girl always need more space to organize her stuff.



My secret book safe, where I keep all my secrets.



My B lamp, that also functions as a great selfie light.




My oversized clock, so I can keep track of time…



My B WHO YOU ARE blanket, that turns into a poncho for when I am cold.


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