School Dress Codes are Going To Have To Be Revised: Russell Westbrook x Barneys Meggings

Yesterday, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma Thunder released an exclusive collab with Barneys, WESTBROOK XO BARNEYS NEW YORK X JORDAN. The collection of athletic wear in black and bold multicolor animal prints, includes de rigueur  workout shorts, shirts and and pants. The stand out items, however, are the elephant printed running leggings, which have been styled both under shorts and solo.  My question is, will guys borrow from the ladies and their Lululemon trend or will they keep their tushies covered with shorts? One of my friends runs in Nike leggings and I think it’s actually an ok look. Here’s Diplo trying out meggings sans coverup:

If this takes off, do you think conservative schools will let girls wear leggings to school, or will they be egalitarian in their anti-spandex crusade? I’m not really sure.

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