Backstage With Milan’s Male Models

Knife-sharp bone structure, jutting collar bones, legs for days, sculpted muscles. They’re called male models, and at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, they’re everywhere . So we made a couple calls, threatened a handful of publicists, and all of a sudden, found ourselves backstage at John Richmond’s Milan show. The clothes were Savile Road meets rock ‘n’ roll at the Ace Café. The models were young and attractive, and we asked a bunch of them a few candid questions about their experience, primarily, “What do you like most about Milan Fashion Week?” Here is what they had to say. 

Casey: 30, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada (pictured, top)
“Food… I like the food here in Italy. I like Porta Ticinesem, where they have that wall up of Elvis… it’s kinda psychedelic. I go there for pasta about every night. Really nice people!”


Andrea: 23, Copenhagen, Denmark
I like very much the people here that arrive for fashion; they arrive from all over the world and the rest of the country… The style that they have… (On going out) In Milano? Hmm I don’t really so much, but I do enjoy The Club.


Martin L.: 24, Copenhagen, Denmark
Uh, I like my ah–depending on how many shows I get. I did five shows. I always come to do Dolce [& Gabbana] and then I always get a few extra. I don’t really like to go out in Milan. I don’t do the main people thing.


Javier: 28, Madrid, Spain
I would say the people. Italians and Spaniards are quite similar… we get along pretty well. And of course I like the food here. Today I actually made a date to go to a pizzeria I love in Porta Genova. It’s called Luna Rossa []. I always go– like every fashion week I have to go! And in New York I have the same thing! I need a milkshake. I go to someplace near Broadway called Peggy Sue’s!


Vincent: 23, Belgium
What I like about the Milan shows is you always meet up with your friends… you go back to that place where you started and you meet a lot of people here– people always come back. So it’s a good time to party with old friends. Mostly I like to go to a bar and have some beers. This time I haven’t! I’ve been a good boy! I did Zegna, this one, I have Canali after, then tomorrow I’m doing Ports [1961] and [Enrico] Coveri. In Paris I have Hermès and I think agnès b.

Matt UK

Matt, 23: London, UK
I’m based in Milan with I Love Models. The whole week has been exhausting going around to the castings and stuff like that– it kinda of drags on a bit. But it’s really exciting– it’s a great place to be with all of the parties. Everyone comes together. The energy is alive. I have to say walking in Dolce [& Gabbana] is one of the top three… Great clothes and great coverage!

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