Babes in Montauk

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Courtesy of RVCA

RVCA’s #BABESINMTK, at just 55 seconds, is a captivating blur of sun-soaked gals dancing and painting and reading and fishing. Basically, my bag is packed, RVCA, and I’m ready to go to Montauk.

“The sole purpose of the trip,” according to RVCA founder PM Tenore, “was to bring together the talented women who are representative of the RVCA tribe at its core. The brand is built upon a foundation of inspiring creative voices.” That tribe included photographer Ashley Barker, model Mahina Alexander, artists Michelle Blade, Nina Long, and Kylea Borges, who model Ashley Smith, who comprise the assembly of RVCA Women’s Advocates.The extended version of the short documentary film will debut on RVCA.COM on August 28th, but for now, revel in this dreamy preview of the ensemble’s week-long creative adventure in Montauk.

RVCA | #BABESinMTK Teaser from RVCA on Vimeo.