Asher Levine, Hussein Chalayan Offer Mind-Blowing Fashion for Fall

While some designers prefer to focus on designing for the nostalgic set (and don’t get me wrong; I love a good throwback), there are a handful of innovators out there who enjoy pushing the envelope in new and exciting ways. Last month, BlackBook favorite Asher Levine stole the show at New York Fashion Week with his unisex techy threads that offered two-way capabilities through embedded microchips. Just a few days ago, Hussein Chalayan shocked the Paris Fashion Week set with his ingenious collection of transformative, two-in-one dresses. This, my friends, is what I’m talking about.


"A software specifically developed by Phone Halo for Asher Levine, TrackR app, uses an audible alarm and a hot and cold proximity indicator to make it easy to find a lost item, including smartphones," says the brand. "It also can send out a separation reminder notification to let the user know an item has been left behind. A lost and found mapping feature records an item’s last known location and can send out GPS coordinates to any phone, email, or social media." Levine’s handy invention even got love from CNN

Though not as technologically advanced, Chalayan offered an equally useful service by created bang-for-your-buck garments. Thanks to a release-ready flap embedded into the famed designer’s luxe fabric, vibrantly patterned and textured dresses had the ability to turn into solid-hued styles at the wearer’s whim. Behold the transformation (at 2:37, 3:10 and 3:50) below.

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