Watch the Money Fly Right Out of Your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

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Image via Apple

Today I am grateful for my behind-the-time iPhone 5S. With the new 6 and 6 plus, beginning today (much earlier than the previously announced holiday season launch), a big handful of major retailers will allow customer to check out via Apple Pay. There are times I leave the house without my wallet, but almost never am I without my iPhone, but now, should it be necessary, an iPhone 6 user can drop by Bloomingdales and drop a chunk of change with just the touch of a fingertip. Come 2015, those with an Apple Watch on his or her wrist can do the same.

The new iPhones have the capability to store credit card info with a simple scan. When purchasing, the phone will be held up to a reader, with your thumb against the touch ID pad; and assuming all goes smoothly, you’ll hear a beep. Apple says it’s safe. We can’t know for sure yet, but it’s certainly easy.

So who’s in so far? Walgreens and Whole Foods are signed up. The aforementioned Bloomingdales too, and more fashion/beauty hotspots including Sephora, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People are coming on soon.