Is Anna Wintour Exiting Vogue?


Anna Wintour has not reigned the Condé Nast realm quite as long as another fashion icon, Queen Betty 2, has reigned her realm; but publishing houses are not the same as royal prerogative – and rumors suggest that Wintour’s time may soon be up. After all, having been knighted by the Queen last May (only to become her chaperone at a recent London fashion show), what’s left for the woman who has defined Vogue for the best part of three decades?

It can’t be much fun presiding over the collapsing fortunes of a once mighty publishing house; and Wintour is too savvy to have her legacy tarnished by tectonic shifts within the industry that she simply cannot control.

Sources have told the New York Post‘s Page Six that Edward Enninful, who recently took over as editor of Vogue UK, was the likely heir apparent. That makes sense. Enninful has taken a broom to the UK title, and made it feel fresh and contemporary, and most importantly inclusive, with cover stars like Gugu Mbatha-Raw and a hijab-wearing Halima Aden. With the replacement of Graydon Carter at Vanity Fair by Radhika Jones, it makes sense that Vogue might be in for a similar shakeup.

Considering the death last year of Condé’s patriarch, Si Newhouse, it was clear that the status quo would no longer hold – though Wintour has been proactive as group creative director in consolidating the editorial and business creative staff into one team, and encouraging editors to focus on revenue-generating schemes.

Not surprisingly, Condé Nast has denied that Wintour is departing any time soon; but we’ve all heard that one before.


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