Alternative Apparel Celebrates 21 Years

Greg Alterman owner and visionary behind Alternative Apparel celebrated his company’s 21st birthday with us toasting ice teas and lattes at Le Petit Greek in LA. This isn’t your traditional LA line; there’s no glitz, no bling. Alternative Apparel has been operating stealthy under the radar for the last 21 years, but Vegas odds decree that you probably have one or two of their tees in your closet right now. This bi-coastal line sells over 50,000 tees a day, from platforms as diverse as the department store Gods Nordstorms and Bloomingdale’s, to the boutique Lords Fred Segal and American Rag.

Alterman breaks down the last 21 years simply and cleanly. Back in ’88 he hunted for those elusive perfect vintage tees that are almost sheer due to decadent wear and tear. Through trial and error Alterman invented the burnout tee, a new product with friendly vintage charm. Flash forward to today and Alternative carries a massive assortment of organic and recycled knits, is sold internationally, and delivers shirts that resemble a second skin so invisible you probably didn’t notice that you’re wearing one.

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