Alexander Wang’s World: Seen & Heard at the Designer’s FW11 Show

It’s safe to say that hype has followed Alexander Wang ever since he first stepped foot into the fashion world. Whether it’s because of his minimalist grunge aesthetic, loyal gang of model friends, or notoriously wild parties, people continue to talk about Wang. The kid knows how to stay fresh. Case in point: His fall/winter 2011 show this past Saturday, held in a massive warehouse in midtown Manhattan.

If it weren’t for super-tight security, the designer could probably fill the entire 133,000 square foot space with die-hard fans of his work alone, but instead the hottest ticket in town was limited to an ultra-exclusive list of celebrity friends, industry players, and select press. And with bleacher seating and stadium lighting, the event was geared to make you feel as if you were about to watch fashion’s award-winning MVP change the game in a spectacular way—which wasn’t far from the truth. As I watched him roll out looks of unexpected decadence mixed with his signature downtown swagger, it became very clear to me that this is one designer who definitely doesn’t have an expiration date. Whether you’re a longtime devotee or newly converted fan, welcome to Wang’s world.


While there were some low-key styles, like the cropped hoodie and boxy outerwear above, Wang also played with lavish futurism this season, adding glitzy bottoms and streaming satin to the mix. Would you believe me if I told you that those open toe puffer-like boots also have a drawstring top?


Satin pieces in this delicate rose hue became even more feminine when paired with these warm and fuzzy tops. And yes, what you’re seeing in that last shot are fur-lined sunglasses.

His designs may change, but it’s never a Wang show if the music isn’t loud. I captured a few moments of what sounds like a mashup by Girl Talk:

Alexander Wang FW11 from BlackBook on Vimeo.

And here’s what some of Wang’s famed fans had to say about the designer: image

“He’s such a fresh, young talent. I really think he makes what women want, and what they’re going to want.” – Nina Garcia (pictured left with Joanna Coles, both of Marie Claire)


“I love Alex—he’s so exciting. And so young! I wasn’t doing a thing when I was 27.” – Simon Doonan of Barneys


“I expect absolutely nothing but the best from him.” – Humberto Leon (pictured with Carol Lim, both of Opening Ceremony)


“Sorry, I’m not allowed to answer any questions tonight.” – (A surprisingly shy but always down to get his photo taken) Kanye West


Street-style photographers (and big fans of the designer) Hanneli Mustaparta, Scott Schuman, and Garance Doré, waiting for the herd of super-stylish show guests to emerge.

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