Alexander Wang’s Instagram Strip Tease

Photo: Neil Rasmus/

Ah, denim, an American classic. Good for classic wholesome activities like riding horses and hiking.

And if you’re Alexander Wang it’s also great as a doorway for oil-slicked arms and hands. After all, what are pants for but to take off? 😉 😉 😉

#ComingSoon… #DENIMxAW #AWLaunch

A photo posted by ALEXANDER WANG (@alexanderwangny) on

We bring you Alexander Wang’s teaser to denim, one category the wunderkind has yet to explore. Though Steven Klein’s photograph doesn’t show everything, it’s safe to say that Wang will put a new and exciting twist on the classic. It appears to be a starchier, thick denim with slight whiskering. We’re hoping for some solid semi-Mom jeans in the collection. But not like a regular mom. Like a cool mom.

Check @alexanderwangny tomorrow and everyday forever to keep up on this salacious launch.

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