Adrien Brody & More Walk The Runway for Prada

“It’s about power. But it started with the idea of characters,” Miuccia Prada told The New York Times backstage during her fashion show today in Milan.  Who better then to help her show off her Fall-Winter 2012/2013 menswear collection than a bunch of Hollywood celebrities?

Adrien Brody, Willem Defoe, Gary Oldman, Tim Roth, Emile Hirsch and Jamie Bell walked down the carpet which was laid out in a palazzo mosaic like a game of chess.  Brody wore a red coat, Oldman black, while the rest wore similar styles paired with wire-rimmed sunglasses tucked in the breast pocket.

They look like a crew of old school dandies. Paging Wes Anderson to look at these pics and immediately get started on a script to incorporate the looks. 

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