Adria Petty’s Short Fashion Film ‘SOLO’ is a Sly Commentary on Intimacy

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Her third in a series of rather surrealist short fashion films, Adria Petty‘s alluring but thought-provoking ¬†SOLO, as the director herself puts it, shrewdly and artfully¬†comments on “the lack of intimacy in dating today.” Written by Anne Marie Mackay, it stars Angela Lindvall and Evangelo Bousis as a striking couple, gorgeously bedecked in Ferragamo and Cavalli (with styling by Erica Pelosini) – but unable to share any real emotional connection. Artist Tasya van Ree also makes an appearance.




It’s actually an homage to the classic thriller The Thomas Crown Affair, the card game harking back to a famous scene in that film – only with strip poker replacing chess. Over a haunting soundtrack by Dhani Harrison, the female character (she calls herself SOLO) coldly recites, “solo, as in no partners, no friends, no entanglements – just the need to be the very best. I always win.”

In the context of our technologically alienating, hyper-image-managed modern world, they’re chilling words, surely.